8 Hours of Slovakia Ring 2017 - 22-24/06/2018

Located near the village of Orechová Potôň, 35 km south-east of the Slovakian capital Bratislava, near the Austrian border, the Slovakia Ring circuit opened in 2009 as a test track for car manufacturers. It was not long before the track began hosting international car racing events such as the FIA GT championship and the FIA WTCC.
The track is 6km long and 12km wide, with 14 bends, and is therefore both fast and technical.
The Slovakia Ring is a genuine motorsport complex, with a large central building hosting no fewer than 33 pit stalls. The complex also offers an off-road track, a training track and a hotel.

Landmark dates for Slovakia Ring
2008: Construction work on the circuit begins
2009: Inauguration of the Slovakia Ring
2011: First international car racing event: the FIA GT championship
2017: First FIM EWC race

Information on the circuit
Length of the circuit
5,922 km
Duration of the race: 8 hours
Lap records
Lukáš Pešek, best lap in 2’04.577
Winner 2016
FIM EWC 2016/2017 new event